SustainabLINKS August 4, 2014

  • Us tree huggers have had it right all along. Trees make us healthier!
  • A detailed look at why the natural gas boom may not be all that great for climate change after all.
  • There was some good news on the climate change front including rising sales of electric/hybrid cars and Daniel Gross over at Slate makes the assertion that we may be advancing from small energy efficiency improvements to full scale energy demand destruction.
  • Suburbia did not fair well this week with a Brookings report finding growing poverty in suburban neighborhoods and Time featuring in article on untenable financial structure of suburbs (generating more liabilities for municipalities than tax dollars over the long run).
  • Where does your city rank in mass transit? Impressively, Flagstaff is tops (per capita) in Arizona.
  • Bonus: An Astrobiologist and a Sci-Fi novelist chat about the possibility for a sustainable future.

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