SustainabLINKS November 10, 2014

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Aaron Redman is the founder of Achieving Sustainability and what passes for an administrator in these parts. Currently he is working on his Sustainability PhD at ASU while raising a baby daughter and taking advantage of nap time to foment discussions on this here blog.

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2 thoughts on “SustainabLINKS November 10, 2014”

  1. Aaron and Erin. Congratulations on your new web page. Sorry, I had not have a chance to look at it. Very interesting information. Without any doubt our country (El Salvador) is still in “pañales” (baby cloth) to achieve sustainability in all areas, but particularly in agriculture and environment. Farmers continue applying unsustainable practices like planting in high soil slope, excessive use of agro-chemicals, dangerous pesticides like Paraquat, etc. There is too much to learn in this web page. I am marking in my “favorites” so I can come and read any time I can.

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