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SustainabLINKS August 4, 2014

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  • Us tree huggers have had it right all along. Trees make us healthier! [3]
  • A detailed look [4] at why the natural gas boom may not be all that great for climate change after all.
  • There was some good news on the climate change front including rising sales of electric/hybrid cars [5] and Daniel Gross over at Slate makes the assertion [6]that we may be advancing from small energy efficiency improvements to full scale energy demand destruction.
  • Suburbia did not fair well this week with a Brookings report [7]finding growing poverty in suburban neighborhoods and Time featuring in article [8] on untenable financial structure of suburbs (generating more liabilities for municipalities than tax dollars over the long run).
  • Where does your city rank in mass transit? [9] Impressively, Flagstaff is tops (per capita) in Arizona.
  • Bonus: An Astrobiologist and a Sci-Fi novelist chat about the possibility for a sustainable future [10].

    Aaron Redman [11]


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