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SustainabLINKS April 14, 2015

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This blog took a multi-month hiatus (admittedly a bad sign for such a new enterprise) as I moved between countries and had a baby (good enough excuses I think). But now I’m back and I won’t be stopped.1)There were some technical difficulties last week, my apologies. Too much of interest has happened to list here but here are some of the more recent highlights:

Aaron Redman [17]


Aaron Redman is the founder of Achieving Sustainability and what passes for an administrator in these parts. Currently he is working on his Sustainability PhD at ASU while raising a baby daughter and taking advantage of nap time to foment discussions on this here blog.

Footnotes   [ + [19] ]

1. There were some technical difficulties last week, my apologies.
2. I reviewed the book that made him famous [5].
3. Somewhat bizzarly this article spends a long bit talking about B-corp which while an important certifying entity has nothing in particular to do with food or food laborers in particular. Perhaps a little dilegence might have yielded something like the new Fair Food Program [15].