Who, me?

Aaron Redman teachingYes it is ME, the deity behind Achieving Sustainability. Who am I? Aaron Redman. That still not enough for you? Well I’ll try to keep it brief (I’ll save the rest for my best selling autobiography). Currently I am —ERROR: Empty Field—.

Previously I was the co-director and a professor of the Department of Sustainability Science at the Escuela Nacional de Estudios Superiores- Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (ENES-UNAM) located in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. Before that I obtained a Master’s in Science from Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability where I also worked on a variety of projects, research and teaching after completing my studies. To round out my adult life it is worth mentioning the obtainment of my undergraduate degree from Rice University and the two years I spent in El Salvador as a Peace Corps volunteer afterwards. Follow along through my rants, raves and reviews and I am sure you’ll learn enough about me to at least write the world’s least read Longform.

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