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No one has asked me questions about this blog let alone “frequently asked”, but since that is the accepted nomenclature, I’ll make some questions up that hypothetically might be asked. If I am ever frequently asked questions for real, I will be sure to add them here (don’t hesitate to ask some yourself in the comments here, by email or via the contact page).

I found a mistake!

Please let me know by email and I will fix it as soon as possible achievingsustainability@gmail.com. But in my defense, typos are not really my fault, just the way our brains work [8] :).

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What is your logo about?

The funny shaped arrow cutting across the logo in the header is known as an S-curve. The S-curve is a good symbol of our vision for this site because it is the shape for the cumulative adoption of new innovations (See Rodgers, 2003 seminal bible, Diffusion of Innovations [10]) and because it is used by transition researchers to represent the path from the current unsustainable state to a future sustainable state–our goal here at Achieving Sustainability.

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Why do you have ads on your site?

Achieving Sustainability is for me, a passion project. Unfortunately, passion is not sufficient to pay for the domain, hosting etc. For full disclosure I also use affiliate links (just for Amazon for now) which means that if you buy something they kick me back a small percentage for referring you to their site. I feel the non-obtrusive but explicit advertisements are a good model for maintaining the financial viability of websites. It is my sincerest hope, dear reader, that neither of these revenue generating aspects interfere with your experience. I promise that when I get rich off of them that I will invite you to visit my private island (though you’ll have to watch advertisements while you are there).

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Can I advertise on your site?

Of course! Well hold on just one second. I have no interest in advertising for Philip Morris, Exon-Mobil or the like. But if you have a Sustainability product or website that you’d like to advertise, just shoot me an email at achievingsustainability@gmail.com and we’ll discuss terms and possibilites.

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I was actually bored here and heading over to Amazon right now…

Well then follow my affiliate link and support Achieving Sustainability!!

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Can I write a guest post?

Of course you can! The goal of Achieving Sustainability is not to promote Aaron Redman’s perspective and biases but to foment a discussion on humanity’s future and Sustainability. If you are interested, please write to me at achievingsustainability@gmail.com with some of your ideas and we will get the ball rolling.

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Will you write a guest post for my blog?

Yes, I would be very interested in writing a post for your blog though we should plan ample time for me to be able to complete the work as I want it to be of the highest quality yet still get my beauty sleep :). Write me at achievingsustainability@gmail.com and we’ll brainstorm some ideas.

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